¿Él compraría? ¿Él estaba comprando? ¿Él ha comprado? ... 

When to use each one of those tenses? Should you learn grammar rules and theory and do boring exercises?  

If you can express yourself in Spanish but are still unsure about the difference between the past, present, and future tenses, then this course is just for you. Here’s why...  

There’s a different, high-effective way to improve your spoken Spanish. A way to naturally incorporate the different structures into your Spanish, as natives do. A way focused on speaking from day one.  

And you need to realize there is a cost to not dealing with this… 


So you want to master the differences between those tenses, but.... what if you decide to memorize shades of grammar rules and formal theory? You may end up hurting your spoken Spanish because you'll have to remember all those rules instead of focusing on what you need to say. 
Still not convinced? Let me show you an example of a grammar explanation:

En el idioma español el pretérito perfecto simple se aplica a acciones completadas en el pasado que no necesariamente están relacionadas con el estado de hechos de la situación presente. El uso del pretérito perfecto simple se circunscribe a acciones de un pasado indefinido (de ahí el nombre pretérito indefinido) o concluido y no ligado al presente. En cambio, el pretérito perfecto compuesto indica necesariamente que existe una relación o conexión entre dicha acción pasada y la situación presente, sea dicha relación temporal o subjetiva. 

La forma donde es un adverbio relativo de lugar que introduce oraciones subordinadas con o sin antecedente. Puede ir precedido de la preposición a (adonde) cuando el verbo implica movimiento, para indicar destino (con antecedente y sin él). La forma a donde es la suma de la preposición a y el adverbio de relativo donde; tradicionalmente se empleaba en oraciones sin un antecedente explícito...zzzzzzzz (source: wikipedia)

Now imagine trying to remember all of this when speaking. You'll probably end up frustrated, and worse of all, you'll probably never speak Spanish fluently.

How I Discovered The Secret Of Learning to Speak a Foreign Language?

I’ve got an answer that works.

Here’s the story: Like you, I am a language learner.

I am a native Spanish speaker. For many years, I always wanted to speak English fluently. What stopped me from learning was negative beliefs like:

  • Oscar, only kids can learn a language”,
  • You really need to live in the country for years to learn the language” or
  • Oscar, you suck at learning languages!”.

To make matters worse, I wasn't very good at languages at school.

Time passed, and one day, I decided it was enough. No more excuses! I decided to become fluent in English. There was only one tiny detail: “How to learn a new language as an adult?”

I did what most language learners do: I studied a lot of grammar, and I did all kinds of textbook exercises: filling the gaps, matching lists, etc. Maybe this sounds familiar to you.

After months of hard work, I “had” a conversation with a native English speaker. You know what? It turned out to be traumatic: I couldn't follow him; I made silly mistakes, I couldn't finish most of the sentences...

I miserably failed.

But I didn’t give up. Maybe I am too stubborn! I started doing a lot of research about language acquisition for adults. I found out that I had to change my way of learning totally.

As soon as I changed my approach, I dramatically improved my spoken English! That blew my mind!

I learned this important lesson the hard way: It was not me. It was the method I was using.

After that, I created courses for Spanish students using the same techniques I used with myself.

Oscar Barcelona

Hi there! I'm Oscar, founder of

I've helped tens of thousands of students to speak Spanish fluently.

Learn with your ears, not with your eyes!

What did I do to improve so quickly?

I did the same as children do!

Do you know kids learn?

Surely, they do not study textbooks! 

They listen to the same words and expressions repeatedly and try to use them simultaneously.

Children learn with their ears, not with their eyes. This is how a language is learned in a natural and effortless way.

In short, tens of thousands of successful students listen and speak a lot; one of the best ways to do this is through conversations.

Of course, you might hire a private tutor, but …what if you had audio designed especially to simulate a conversation?

Let me introduce you...

el curso inesperado

That's why I put together a complete system to solve all these problems.

El Curso Inesperado is a compact yet powerful program designed to take you by the hand and consolidate, bringing your spoken Spanish to an advanced level.

Since it is extremely important to provide rich context when learning, the course is based on rich stories with complex characters. 

Through this entertaining story, you will practice the most common Spanish tenses and learn the difference between them. You will also improve your speaking through a special technique called "The Conversation Simulator," which I describe below.

With my system, you can't fail.

Speaking from day one? Included 

Learning the subtleties of Spanish tenses? Included

Proven system with tens of thousands of students? Included

What you'll learn Differences among tenses 

All the Unlimited Spanish courses help you develop your speaking, word order, grammar, and vocabulary, among other skills. Besides, with this course, you'll practice and learn to:

  • Talk about past events nonrelated to the present moment. For example, “Oscar compró un pastel la semana pasada”.
  • Talk about recent events. “Oscar ha comprado un pastel esta mañana”. 
  • To describe a situation or static scene in the past. “Oscar estaba comprando un pastel la semana pasada”. 
  • To discuss events that usually happen. “Oscar compra pasteles los sábados”. 
  • To talk about things that are happening now.Oscar está comprando un pastel”. 
  • To talk about future events.Oscar comprará un pastel”, o también “Oscar va a comprar un pastel”. 
  • To talk about the “future in the past”. "Ayer Oscar dijo que hoy compraría un pastel”.  

Speak From Day One

The Conversation Simulator

Do not worry. The "Conversation Simulator" it's not a robot that helps you to practice ;) 

It's audio lessons that "simulate" conversations. I usually call them Question and Answer lessons.  

How does this "simulator" work? 

Very easy. In the audio, I say a phrase, and then I ask simple questions about this phrase. 

After every question, I pause: now it's your turn to answer aloud! 

After you answer my question, I give you the correct answer.  

This continuous process makes you think more and more in Spanish

Of course, I do not use only a phrase. 

In this course, you'll find 3 hours of audio with hundreds of questions and answers

el curso inesperado mini

Bonus! Learn grammar without studying grammar! 

Learning grammar without studying grammar? Yes, you have read it right! The course also incorporates exclusive lessons.

They are called The Point of View Lessons. Basically, in the audio, I tell the same story several times, each time changing the linguistic point of view.

For example, I tell the same story using different tenses or different "persons", like in the first person and in the third person; in the past, present, and future; in the plural and singular, etc.

This system works astonishingly well. It helps you use grammar in an intuitive way and without making errors. 

Therefore, you will not study grammar...

However, you will learn grammar!

It best complements the "conversation simulator", or the question-and-answer lessons. 

This technique is perfectly incorporated into the lessons of this course.

Check Out What Unlimited Spanish Students Say


What's the minimum level required in order to take this course?

If you start from scratch, or your level of Spanish is very basic (not even able to have short and basic conversations):

Please don't purchase this course!  

This course is perfect for you if you have some degree of fluency in Spanish (low-intermediate and above) and you want to bring your spoken Spanish to a more advanced level of fluency and comprehension.

I carefully recorded all the audio using clear pronunciation and voice.  

You can read the transcription in Spanish translated into English in two columns anytime.

Just trust me. I will help you improve your spoken Spanish and speak fluently without translating mentally. 

Most of the time, you will be listening and answering questions. This is how you will automatize your Spanish, achieving a high degree of fluency.

All of this intuitively and without grammar, just like native speakers.

Frankly, I am not a guru, and I have no special talents, but I can tell you this:

I offer you a robust, widely tested system that gives extraordinary results.

However, you do not need to believe me; check out what my students say!

Check Out What Unlimited Spanish students Say

el curso inesperado

  • 3+ hours of professional audio quality. I carefully recorded all the lessons using professional equipment. Now you can bring the lessons with you anywhere and learn anytime!
  • Two voices were used for the lessons. This program incorporates a second feminine voice which helps with the dialogues. 
  • Hundreds of Questions and Answers. Automatize your speaking skills with the “Conversation Simulator”. You will get advanced fluency sooner than you think!
  • Advanced Perspective Lessons. Different tenses and gender are used to tell the story. Besides, you will hear the story from different characters' perspectives. Your Spanish grammar will improve incredibly with this technique!
  • 100% transcript in Spanish and translation in English. You won't have to use any dictionaries!
  • BONUS! Free full access to La Cafeteria! An exclusive Facebook community for students who already enjoy the benefits of using my courses. You will be able to interact with them and with me. You will not be alone in mastering Spanish! 

Now, you can get all of this for a fraction of the cost of regular classes! Order now and start learning Spanish in minutes!  


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More students of Unlimited Spanish


AJ Hoge is the founder of We share the same method for helping language students. He is one of the top online English teachers and has successfully helped tens of thousands of students to improve their English (included me).

“Unlimited Spanish are audio courses where native speaker Òscar simulates conversations, with cues for you to interact with him. It is among the best I’ve seen for simulating a real conversation from pre-recorded audio. For those of you who are also visual learners, you’ll be able to read along through transcripts of the audio.”.

Benny Lewis,

 I started from scratch with Unlimited Spanish, and I after six months I was able not only to understand radio programs but to communicate with native speakers. The method allows you to deeply learn grammar structures and vocabulary subconsciously. I visited Barcelona, and all native speakers were really impressed by my Spanish! Muchas gracias Oscar por este trabajo tan increible!”


“I am very happy with the course because it’s exactly what I need: Stories full of context, questions and answers. The different stories of the Original Course are very interesting and entertaining. If you really want to learn to speak Spanish, please try this method. It’s great, it’s just great!“. 


“Unlimited Spanish is awesome. I has helped me maintain my Spanish which continues to get better with each lesson. The stories definitely grab my interest and makes me look forward for the next lesson. The stories make learning fun and they are easily transferable to everyday conversations."

Dale, realstate agent New York.

“I never believed learning a foreign language could be so much effortless. I only spend some time everyday on my player whenever I am on the move and listen to the lessons. It also comes with the transcripts which makes is perfect for when I need help for understanding the story. Es divertido!”.

Sam, assistant. Malaysia.

 The content is very easy, entertaining and easy to follow. The best thing is that it’s very natural, so you don’t have to memorize anything, study lists of words. All you need to do is just listen and answer the questions of the audio. Now I can say I can speak and understand Spanish. I am going to Peru and I will definitely use my Spanish there!

Sasha, teacher. Russia.

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. Our Product Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Buy The Product right now, and see for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the product does not live up to any of the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give every penny back to you. No hassles, and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.  


(Normal price: $134)

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I look forward to personally guide you through the course material and help you bring your Spanish to the next level. We can do it together!

Thank you,

Òscar Pellus

PS: This is the audio course that will help you to speak Spanish like a native. No grammar, no textbooks... You just have to listen and answer the questions. This system is robust and widely used by thousands of students with excellent results. If you really want to get advanced fluency in your Spanish, just take a new action and get a new result:

>> Get the audio course now for only $67 <<

Normal price: $134

I look forward to personally guiding you through the course material and helping you bring your Spanish to the next level. We can do it together!

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