Can you believe that you can
speak Spanish in only 30 days?
Without studying grammar?
- even if you start from zero? -

Let's be honest.
The traditional courses to learn Spanish simply don't work.

We all started with good intentions, but after a while ... we quit. Why? Because we do not get results.

We are very enthusiastic about learning Spanish. We did what we were told.
We made time to learn this beautiful language. "I'm learning Spanish!" We say. However, we fail to speak.

Moreover, grammar... What can you tell me about it? Spanish grammar is complicated, tedious, and very unintuitive! 

Can you imagine every day learning regular verbs and tenses; doing boring exercises … Still, traditional language schools insist on this traditional method. 

They insist, although it does not work. 

Unfortunately, many students throw in the towel

I have had students who have spent years in a language school. Years! Can you imagine? However, they cannot speak fluently.

This creates great frustration. I've seen that in many Spanish students.

I understand you. However, do not worry. There is a solution. 

But before I start talking about it, I want to ask you to be open-minded because: 

What I am offering is helping thousands of people improve their Spanish.

 Oscar Pellus

My own personal story of failure
...and success

(on learning a new language)

As you may know, I am a native Spanish speaker. For many years, I had always wanted to speak English. Just the idea of being able to have a conversation with people from English-speaking countries made me smile. I thought that it had to be incredible!
I entertained the idea of learning English for many years. What stopped me from starting learning it was some negative beliefs like: “Oscar, only kids can learn a language”, “You really need to live in the country for years to learn the language,” or “Oscar, you suck at learning languages!” and things like that. You might relate to this.
To make things worse, I didn’t do particularly well in English in school”. I learned some basic stuff, like the names of objects and a number of sentences, but nothing more.
Time passed, and one day, I realized that I was too comfortable in my comfort zone! I needed a change and to stop telling myself excuses.
So one day, I changed those negative beliefs and made a solemn decision. I would be learning English and becoming fluent no matter how.
So, there I was. Full of energy and enthusiasm. There was only one tiny detail: “How to learn English?”
My friends told me: Just go to a language school like everybody. I checked some language schools and noticed that it took me years to learn English! I decided to buy some books and do the same as I would do in a language school.
For more months, I studied tonnes of grammar and did all kinds of exercises, like filling the gapsmatching lists, etc. Maybe it sounds familiar to you. After so many hours, I felt confident about my English, so I decided to take a step further.
I needed to put into practice my “strong knowledge” of the English language, so I hung out with a native English speaker to have a conversation.
You know what? We started talking…well, he talked most of the time. I couldn’t follow him. I thought he was speaking too fast. But it was me who was too slow to process the language. When it was my turn to speak... It was traumatic: I was unable to finish sentences, I made many silly mistakes, and in general, I was unable to communicate.
It was a complete disaster. I got very frustrated with that result after so much work.
To my credit, I'm stubborn, so I started doing a lot of research on adult language acquisition. The conclusion: I had to change my approach completely.
As soon as I did change my approach, I started to improve.
Encouraged by the results, I continued, and soon I could speak English fluently and effortlessly. Although I made minor mistakes, I could communicate easily and without almost hesitation.
I learned this important lesson the hard way: It was not me. It was the method I was using.

Oscar Barcelona

Hi there! I'm Oscar, founder of

I've helped tens of thousands of students to speak Spanish fluently.

 Oscar Pellus

Learn with your ears, 

not with your eyes!

What did I do to improve so quickly?

I did the same as children do!

Do you know kids learn?

Surely, they do not study textbooks! 

They listen to the same words and expressions repeatedly and simultaneously; they try to use them.

Children learn with their ears, not with their eyes. This is how a language is learned naturally and effortlessly.

In short, tens of thousands of successful students listen and speak a lot; one of the best ways to do this is through conversations.

Of course, you might hire a private tutor, but ...what if you had audio designed especially to simulate a conversation?

Allow me to introduce you...

The Conversations Simulator

Do not worry. It is not a robot or an android that helps you to practice ;)

These are audio lessons that "simulateconversations. I usually call them Question and Answer lessons. 

How does this "simulator" work?

Very easy. In the audio, I say a phrase, and then I ask simple questions about this phrase.

After every question, I pause: now it is your turn to answer aloud!

After you respond to the question, I will give you the correct answer.

This continuous process makes you think more and more in Spanish.

Of course, I do not use only a phrase.

In the lessons, I develop twenty different stories with thousands of phrases.

30 days mini

All this is great, Oscar.
However, I do not know any Spanish!

This is reasonable doubt.

This course is aimed at those who do not know any Spanish!

You can start from scratch since you will have the text in Spanish and the English translation in two columns.

The program lasts 30 days, and step by step, I will help you build the foundation necessary to be able to speak Spanish.

Every day you will study a new lesson composed of audio and text adapted to acquire Spanish's most frequent speech patterns.

All this intuitively without grammar, just like native speakers.

With the Question and Answers technique, you acquire naturally and effortlessly the basis of spoken Spanish. And best of all, easy and effortlessly!

Frankly, I'm not a guru, and I have no special talents, but I can tell you this:
What I offer is something robust and extensively tested, and it works.


30 days

This is exactly what you get with 

the Total Beginner's
30 Days Crash Course:

  • 3 hours of MP3 audio in Spanish.  Professional audio quality, recorded by me. You can use the lessons on your favorite devices (PC, cell phone, tablet, ...)
  • All the audio is in two columns of text (Spanish and English). You will not have to look up the words you don't know in a dictionary. You will always have the translation in English.
  • The Question & Answer lessons. Every day, you will use these types of lessons to improve your ability to have meaningful conversations in Spanish dramatically.
  • The Point Of View lessons. Another powerful type of lesson to effortlessly incorporate grammar variations into your speaking.
  • One-time payment. No subscriptions, no hidden fees. You can keep the lessons forever!

BONUS! Free full access to La Cafeteria! An exclusive Facebook community for students who already enjoy the benefits of using my courses. You will be able to interact with them and with me. You will not be alone in mastering Spanish! 

Now, you can get all of this for a fraction of the cost of regular classes! Order now and start learning Spanish in minutes!

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AJ Hoge is the founder of We share the same method for helping language students. He is one of the top online English teachers and has successfully helped tens of thousands of students to improve their English (included me).

“Unlimited Spanish provided me with the rich content I needed in order to automate my grammar without studying useless rules, consolidate my active vocabulary, enabling me to have richer conversations, and improve my listening comprehension, which is so important when learning a language. It is exactly what a language-learning method should be: fun, natural, and effective. Check it out and see for yourself! ¡Buena suerte!” Matt Johnson. Florida, USA — Telesales professional

“I never believed learning a foreign language could be so effortless and so much fun! Believe it or not, Unlimited Spanish is totally not like what I expected when it comes to learning language. I only spend some time everyday on my player whenever I am on the move and listen to the audio unloaded from the site. It also comes with the transcripts which makes is perfect for when I needed help for understanding the story. Learning Spanish is never as easy as now with Unlimited Spanish¡ Es divertido!” Samantha Saw, secretary, Malaysia

“Unlimited Spanish is awesome. I has helped me maintain my Spanish which continues to get better with each lesson. The stories definitely grab my interest and makes me look forward for the next lesson. The stories make learning fun and they are easily transferable to everyday conversations.”. Dale, real state agent, NY.

“I’ve never studied Spanish before, I tried twice but then I gave up because the courses were too boring and I felt I wasn’t improving. I’ve tried Unlimited-Spanish lessons thinking it would be nice to learn Spanish. So, Oscar, I downloaded your lessons and I stated listening to them every day and I think that your lessons are: clear,interesting,incisive, adaptable and complete. I’m learning Spanish fast and I’m enjoying it so much! What to say: THANK YOU OSCAR for creating such a great course!” Julia, teacher, Italy

“One of the things that I like most about the Unlimited Spanish lessons is that all the audio content is in Spanish, so you can begin learning from day one..and there are many hours of audio! All the audio comes with full transcription in Spanish and English. Another thing I like is the sound quality. The voice on the recording is very clear and easy to understand. This is important because I am a beginner in Spanish. I think it’s the best course I’ve used so far!” Rozalyn Leslie, Writer. Georgia, USA

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I look forward to personally guide you through the course material and help you bring your Spanish to the next level. We can do it together!

Thank you,

Òscar Pellus

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Normal price: $94

I look forward to personally guiding you through the course material and helping you bring your Spanish to the next level. We can do it together!

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